How it Works

How can we do this?

Amazon has limited third-party Sellers in their ability to show 'Hero' videos on the top of their detail pages. Now, there is a new location for videos, call 'Related Video Shorts'. This is right above the product reviews, and customers look here when wanting to find out more about a product. 

We've developed a process that screens and reviews (and then uploads for FREE) your videos to show up in this 'Related Video Shorts' section. You can add as many videos as you'd like to one ASIN, or have multiple ASINs reference one video.

Our process meets the Amazon standards and gets the videos ingested. We use metadata to assign subject matter and Product pages that link the two together. As a result, we process your videos and get them populated on your detail pages. 


What types of video can be added?

Amazon currently allows these types of videos to be added for merchants:

  • Unboxing
  • Product Comparison
  • How-To
  • Interview
  • Advertisement

Examples of videos uploaded using AMZProductVideo:

What we need from you.

We have several things we require in order to take your video upload request. They are:

  1. High Quality Video. We reserve the right to deny uploading a video where the content, resolution, or audio isn't generally considered high quality. This is an Amazon requirement.
  2. Video File. We need a link to the following:
    1. Video File. Formats accepted are: 3GP, AAC, AVI, FLV, MOV, MP4 and MPEG-2 formats.
    2. Thumbnail image: 16:9 aspect ratio and a suggested minimum width of 1920px. Formats accepted are: JPEG and PNG.
  3. Metadata information. This includes:
    1. Title (100 char max)
    2. Synopsis (400 char max)
    3. Video Type: How-To, Review, Advertisement, Comparison, Unboxing or Interview
    4. Related ASINs: All the ASINs referenced in the video. 

With that, you'll up up and running in no time.

How quickly does it appear on the product detail page?

The videos appears on your product detail page in about 24 hour or less.