Frequently Asked Questions

Q - I've read Amazon merchants are not allowed to upload video to the product page so is your Service Against Amazon's Terms of Service?

A - Our service is not against Amazon's Terms of Service. All the videos are submitted to Amazon for approval before they go live on the website. We are not using a backdoor or the product review section to accomplish this. Our technology allows videos to be ingested into the Amazon system.

As the videos are ingested, we use metadata to assign subject matter and Product pages that link the two together. As a result, we get your videos to be populated on your detail pages.

It's true that third-party merchants can not upload video into Amazon, but that does not mean it's against Amazon's Terms of Service to have videos for ASINs.

Q - Are you using some back door into Amazon to submit the video?

A - Absolutely not. Each video is submitted to Amazon for approval before they go live. Amazon is the gatekeeper and a video does not go live into the system until they approve.

Q - How long does it take for the video to appear on my product detail page?

A - The videos appears on your product detail page in about 24 hour or less.

Q - Can I connect one video to multiple ASINs?

A - Yes, you can connect one video to as many ASINs as are relevant to your video content.

Q - Can I have more than one video per ASIN?

A - Yes, you can have multiple videos for an ASIN.

Q - How long can the video be?

A - There is no official limit, but Amazon likely would not approve a video longer than 20 minutes.

Q - Do I have to pay even if Amazon does not approve the video to go live on the site?

A - Absolutely not. We only charge you if the video is successful uploaded into the Amazon system. We'd issue you a refund if we are not successful.